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The Romance * Bitter Sweet Studios 
Dukes n' Divas * Weddings 
The Bride n' Groom n' Fashion Studios

We Shall Be One By His Grace n' Mercy

Mr. & Mrs. Bellamy

This Day, I Shall Marry My Friend, My Hearts
 Desire, My Love..    
Mr. & Mrs. Gabiel

The One, I Laugh With, Live & Cry With, Dream With, Pray With...  
                                Mr. & Mrs. Collier

And Will Love Unconditionally,
Mind, Body and Soul
From Head to Toe...
             Mr. & Mrs. Grant

Front to Back, Left to Right, Until   Death Do Us Part...  Together Let's Say ~ I Do".    
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Meyers

 > Our Client Wedding Studios: 
Coordinators * Stylists * Decorators 

Our: Wedding Image Styling Studios 

   Hair Artistry, Make Up, Wardrobe 
                                                    and Personal Touch

       Ours:  Wedding Designer Fashion Shows

The Unconditional Love Studios
Singles * Couples
   Inquire About Some Thangs  

What is Your Heart missing?  The Sugar n' Space and everything nice back in Your Life!  Let's talk about it!  
Let's laugh about it!  Let's Do It!

Look, Listen, and Learn the Joys of Romance.  Taking a vacation or just because.  Oh, the pleasure in the values of talking, loving, caring and sharing with the One You Love

Love Past, Present Brings the Future

          Make The Time!  Today...  Right?       
        Love ,  Real Love ,  is everywhere stand still, listen, hear it, feel it - give some back.  Contact Us and Share Your Love Story.
Romance n'  Laughter     Soup For   The Soul..
>The Bitter Sweet Studios
For Better ~ For Worse

Let's... Tell It Like It Is! ~ Pray On It
Fact:  A.I. for Domestic Violence & RADAR collective reports.. most cases of abuse *Women 85%  *Men 38% and *Children & Teens 40%-50% :(  *Note:  the Verbal Abuse (words that cut into one's spirit) is as damaging to anyone as Physical Abuse can be! That's, painfully true.  And ABUSE is just that... a slap, a punch, n' words... words.

" Be still my Dearest 
know  that I am your 
         Alpha and Omega
                   Psalms 46:16

* Love is Waiting to be     Unconditionally, Embraced n' Shared for Your Life Time.        
Wwere All made from Love and for Love we stand on the foundation of Life's forever changing experiences through the sunshine and rain that brings the Rainbows... in Life for when She offers her world of unknowing circumstances you turn to "Hope, Faith, Prayer and Patience.. God's Power with in Your very Heart Mind, Body and Soul.
To inspire You to becoming and feeling more in touch with who You Are, in order to truly Love Unconditionally ~ You have to Love n' Respect n' Create Your Happiness and others will embrace Your Joyful Presence.   ~ Amen to That.

Love Is In The Air n' Angels Are Watching..

You, Us and the World  Making a Difference Together!

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It's Simply*Self *Sensibility
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