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To the Newest of the Years 
Because,  Life is Love ~Love is Life!   We must share the true feelings of sensibility in Unconditional Blessings with others that cross our paths.  For Life, is so precious we must embrace the Simple Moments and Treasure the Laughter. :)   Hey,  Readers it's Minnie Foxx.  Thank You, so much for visiting our Past & Present issue of  The Elite Network Newsletter.   We're so excited to share all the Spotlights  n'  Stories of People, Places and some Thangs.  We'd like to hear about your stories or celebrations and share them with our Members.  Contact Us, listed below and let's tell it like it is!   Remember, You, Us and the World making a Difference Together.    Simply*Self*Sensibility.    Cheers!  OXOXO               ~DivaFoxxSpeaks  

 The Image Principle Studios 
 It is our desire to create a new awareness about Entertainment  Image  and Empowerment.   We offer a host of Creative  Services to help people ~ help themselves.  Providing a full Platform of  Elite Networking & Connecting from Boutique PR to Artist Development, Fashion to Beauty and Newsletter to Talk Show!   All while bringing people and  businesses together to make a difference in the community.    

All we need is Love?   It is said there is not  enough love given or received. 
 Love is Everywhere!   Stand still and Feel it ~ Share it!    Let's bridge the Gap,  hold on to the Special Moments!   Life*Love*Laughter... Blessings. 
Get Yours and Give some Back! :)
Known lovingly to the world as Basim Abdel. International Photographer to the Stars and Politicians is also, a very gifted, creative and unique Artist.  His love & amazing art collection is drawn from people, places, nature and the wonder of animation.  As well as a Characters Design Division team member at the legendary Hanna-Barbera Studios (home of Yogi Bear & The Flintstones). When, his creative eye captures your very inner essence through the lens or while panting on canvas... Oh, how beautiful.  He, inspires and motivates young artists by sharing his gifts and talents in hopes of them taking their great creativity, dreams and journeys in life and soar far beyond their own   imaginations!   Email:   :)                                                                                   

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 Entertainment  Image Empowerment Networking  Join Us!  Meet a diverse group of our talented Members and make new Friends while building business sources with fun creative folks, entertainers, professionals and receiving nice member to member discounts.  Take a visit and review our pages learn more details of how, what, and why YOU should  
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are Worth It!   Let's Shake on it!  :)   Pg: Join Us Membership (page 5)  
No, introduction needed.  For all that is love in mind, body and the Holy Spirit that is of the most international proclaimed Pastor Cecil "Chip" Murray.  Also, known a father, brother and friend to all that has crossed His path.  A journey of over 40yrs in outreach to his community, families and children in need of hope and prayers.  His voice alone empowers one to accept self-being and breathe in a new light in life.  Former Head Pastor of FAME Church in Los Angeles and currently head of the USC School of Religion.  He still graces the world with hope, faith, prayer and walks in the light of glory that he passes on in graceful unconditional love n'patience.  A powerhouse of leadership for diversity and change from Clinton to Obama from Education to Law Enforcement.  One of his favorite hymns is "His Excellence" as he is also to world through his spiritual advice and ministry.  His Journey was paved to inspire, motivate and train our future spiritual leaders to follow the footsteps He was Blessed  to stride ~ that's called Devine Order.   Amen :)          
~~~~~~~~~                        ~~~~~~~                      ~~~~~~~~
The Mother Solider ~ Bringing hope and joy to those in need of God's Grace and His Mercy.  Founding Pastor, of Sharing Love, Faith Ministries in Los Angels and Communities where ever abroad She was lead to Serve was Her Church.   Pastor, Dr. Yvonne Williams: Mother, Sister, Friend, Advisor to all.  Prepared n' Served monthly and holiday feedings right from the doors of the church and always gave the perfect healing prayer.  She was a powerful believer of faith, that Gods Promise to us all is unconditional and that our very inner being depended on His very breath and guidance into our Lives.  The Heavens Pearly Gates called home their Angel of Belief and there She continues Her journey of Share, Love , Hope and Faith. :)     In Beloved Spirit 1939*2011

Are YOU A MEMBER YET!!   Sign up Today!   Be the Life of the Party!  We Celebrate  Networking at new, exciting, romantic places and locations.   We offer creative business services and support your career needs.  We produce Fashion, and Hair, Shows, Summits, Concerts, Movie Productions,  Play Productions, Business Expos, Seminars and Kidz Summits.  Do you have the Performing Arts Bug??  Well, tell us some thangs about You...  Honey! :)     Pg: Service About Us (1) 

Light, Camera, Action!!  Meet Actor, Filmmaker and Founder of NJC Productions - Norvell Ji'Floyd.   Who started His career in acting at age 10 , writing  and directing at age 14 .   He is also the Co-Director of Kidz Klub Njc (a non-profit of Mentoring Youth)  The Rising Star's Award Winner for "Best Actor" and holds to his credits producing, directing, scoring, writing, editing and casting for the feature films Special Cops, Conspiracy, Fighter's Day 2 , Artificial Human, Beyond Deceived and many Theatrical Performances such as (RENT, Fiddler On The Roof)  So, grab your popcorn and a friend ~ it's Showtime!  Check Out the trailers and movie shorts of  "The Boy Wonder" be inspired by his creative visions and his talented cast of actors and production teams . 
~~~~~~~~~                ~~~~~~~~~~                  ~~~~~~~~~

Friend for Life.   They hear sounds our laughter, tears of joy or sorrow, our hopes and sometimes watch us day dreaming or sleeping and of course appearing in a room at the oddest moments LOL.  We all have that little precious friend somewhere in our families.  For us, meet Spirit Joy aka Espirito Joi ~ our Cocker Spaniel-Poodle of Unconditional Love.  He is indeed a joyful spirit to all he meets and always offers his toys, big hugs and kisses.  He loves chicken, peas and carrots the word "snack" that means it's time for a treat.  Animals are therapy for the soul and can sense right for wrong and laughter from sadness.  Weather a (dog, cat, bird, fish) these little creators were placed on earth to be loved and cared for ~ just like us.  Show some love to a animal today a "pat on the head feels as good as a pat on the back" and all of us deserve that  feeling of acceptance - so do they.   Stop animal cruelty and hug a pet today!   Woof, Woof :)
  When, Your love for Entertaining and being the Life of the Party meets ~ our Special Guest  Interview of  The Famed Cheese Impresario and Her delicious world of  fine Artisanal Cheese and Accoutre'ments that pair with them so beautifully and taste so delicious ~ You'll be the envy of all your family and friends and learn some new entertaining ideals!
Cheers!  To Hollywood's own Barrie Lynn Krich,  a former advertising executive.  This Queen Bee, has a certain flair for creating a unique experience for you and your guests.  Have a blast while learning about finest cheese, wines,spirits and tasty dishes “how to serve them, what to pair them with, and how to throw a cheese tasting adventure!   
Be sure to inquire about the Cheese Corner for Kids.  For Special Moments, Holidays or Just Because, you will find yourself right in the comfort zone of being the main center of attention Hello,  Anytime ~ Anywhere :)  Say,  Mmmmmmmmm it's the Chesse..  not just from California!      Email:                                                     
Congrats!!!  Hollywood's own Sir Derrek Luke!  
 (Actor, Singer, Song-writer) New Hit Single  ~ makes you "Take Step, Have a Seat and Win Down"  His love for the Performing Arts, Entertainment and Music has lead DL on an Amazing journey of the Bright Lights, Camera and He is the Action!  DL has inspired His peers to groove to His Vibe and Ladies to an international dance challenge video that was off the charts!   Now, the Silver Screen is calling and the answer is... but, Of Course!  The Buzz is He is Single.. Alright Ladies.. Autographs and Photos!  DL show them what you are made of!  The Stars are Shining just for YOU!  Email:  *  Subscribe*Follow*Share
               ~~~~~~~~~       ~~~~~~~~~~       ~~~~~~~~~~        ~~~~~~~~~     

A Women of Empowerment a Trendsetter, a Visionary, a Author and Mother!  When does"Yolanda Nollie"  have time to continue to be a true Wonderful Blessing to All that Surrounds Her?  She, takes on Day at a Time!  Congratulations!! on the lastest words and phrases of Knowledge and Encouragement to others "How to Profit in Entertainment*Social Media" a guide to wisdom to having a balanced and successful career.  Producer of Radio & TV Entertainment * Podcast Show, sharing the stories of Life and all that it has to offer!  Connect and Share your passions:  Email: 

Beyond, the simple comb and blush brush a Runway Fabulous Creator meet Sir Demi X  thee' Hair and Make Up Artist/Stylist to the Stars.  Featured at Jason and David of  Desert Hot Springs, California.  He is "as a matter of fact" a highly trained, creative and unique professional Master.  Internationally known for his (cut, color, perm) and viva glam profiles.  Let him "beat yo' face and whip yo' hair"  Book your appointment today and experience how the Celebrities..   Just do it..   No questions asked!  Differently Gorgeous Diva!  His Personal Touch-Beyond Beauty and is specialized for men and women of entertainments flair n' You too.  
                            ~~~~~~~~~~       ~~~~~~~~~      ~~~~~~~~~~

The King of Barbering & Haircuts
Got a Barber?  Meet The Fellas that keep all the boys n' men looking gooood!  Check Out ~ The Sir Grooming Lounge of Vegas and Los Angeles.  Meet Gerome "Lucky" Robinson, Owner n' Senior Barber, not just a haircut master of 17 years but, has a Heart for Mentoring Young People.  He, educates and motivates through his gifts of life and opportunity.  He's in VIP Demand with those maker overs that make a difference in how - you see yourself.   Connect: .  You should be so Lucky! 

Love & Romance is in the Air... The Beautiful Brides & Grooms 
 Las Vegas and Los Angeles
  Tammy & Seth  *  Pinky & Grant  *  LaToya & Kelvin  

Two of the worlds most Famous People have made their everlasting mark in a very trying Moment in History.  One fighting for the respect and understanding he deserves. While,  the Other was seeking justice for him to have that right.  A Celebrity Trail of mixed emotions, fears, hopes and prayers of family, friends and fans all over the universe.  
The Final Moment brings true justice of  Triumph & Victory "Not Guilty"  life as they knew it will never be the same  and the world will never forget their Moment in History.   They were held by God's Grace and His Mercy.  The famed Atty.Thomas Mesereau Jr. and the "King of Pop" the beloved & missed  Mr. Michael Jackson, (RIP) Your Music in the Heavens sung by the Angels.  Email:    
 ~~~~~~~~                ~~~~~~~~              ~~~~~~~~

Feel like a Star!  Exquisite of Hollywood, offers elite chauffeur driven transportation.  Experience the personal touch of grand service, full bar, snacks and custom interiors in each Limo.  Chose from the styles of  Stretch, Hummer, Sedan or SUV.  Whatever, your choice the price is always right.  Call today and pull up to your destination... like a Hollywood Celebrity.   You deserve the best in quality service, transportation from the airport to the red carpet!           

 You, Us and the World  Making a Difference Together!

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